Your Strategic Partner in Germany

The power of having a local presence cannot be underestimated. Our mission is to help Companies grow in Germany and Europe. With offices in Manchester England and Nuremberg Germany we are ideally placed to help companies maintain their presence, increase market share, and thrive within the EU post-Brexit.

To this end, Graystone LA expanded its services in 2018 to include representation, direct sales, warehousing in Germany and much more. Only with a physical presence in Germany can you really understand the dynamics of the market and how to effectively communicate your message.

The owner of Graystone LA, Paul Morgan was born in the UK starting his career as a mechanical engineer. He went on to take positions in several successful UK dot-com start-ups which were later bought by larger companies. He was headhunted to create a global internet strategy for the main supplier to Marks & Spencer and later Merck Pharmaceutical.

He has since worked as a consultant for medium size to large companies in the UK, Germany and Switzerland advising on a variety of projects playing a decisive roll from supply chain processes to every facet of marketing. He has been engaged in enough new businesses to thoroughly understand the requirements for success and possesses the management skills to make sure everything happens on time and within budget. As a native English speaker fluent in the German language with years of experience managing companies you can be rest assured, you’re in the right hands.

Our Services Include:


  • Acting Agent
  • Account Manager
  • Interim Manager
  • Company Formation


  • Warehousing in Germany
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Order Processing


  • Sourcing Manufactures
  • Sourcing Parts & Services
  • Accountant Services
  • Recruitment