Regulatory Compliance

We understand that opening a company in another country is a long-term commitment. Continued trading relies very much on remaining compliant with the laws of the land. We can undertake the duties of Company Secretary allowing you to maximize profits by avoiding unnecessary fines and charges. We have the latest software to ensure that tax filings are actuated on time and in accordance with current German regulations.

Graystone LA can undertake all the necessary services so your company remains compliant with essential German legislation and Taxation rules.

Company Compliance Services Include:

*A qualified accountant will prepare and file the end of year accounts invoicing your company direct.

Do you have any questions about COMPLIANCE?

Our regulatory compliance services begin on the first of the month following listing in the Companies Register. Here is one reason why remaining compliant in Germany is important.

The responsibility for filing VAT returns or End-of-Year tax returns in good time, lies with the company directors. Failing to submit tax returns on time, i.e. missing the submission deadline according to Section (§ 18 Abs. 1 S. 1 UStG nach § 370 Abs. 1 i.V.m Abs. 4 S. 1 AO) can be considered tax evasion and is a punishable offense. The consequences for directors can be far-reaching; It takes more time and nerves to iron out the problem afterwards than the timely submission of receipts could ever have cost. The tax office can also pass it on to the ‘criminal and fines department’. German bureaucracy can be a pain if not done correctly.